~Our Sheepadoodle pups and notes from owners~

She has been such a GOOD GIRL!! I will admit I was nervous we would get
"THAT puppy" she is so NOT THAT Puppy. So smart, great with the kids and
anyone who has met her. Today she played in the hose with kids and had her
first vacuum experience (hahaha after initial fear kids showed her it was ok)
Our kids keep professing their love for her.

Lucy is doing great! She is probably just under 45 pounds and has been a perfect fit for our family!!
We can't believe how fast she has grown :)

Hi Tara thx from us and Winston for that greeting.
Winston is 50 pounds now and our vet thinks he's
pretty much done growing.
He's a happy puppy, full of joy and energy.
Listens very well too. We love him very much

Tucker is settling in
very well to his new
home. He loves all of
his new toys, his big
bed and his big back
yard!  He also likes his
neighbor kids that
brought him a toy and
played with him!

~More will be added as they arrive~