~Our Sheepadoodle pups and notes from owners~


Hi Tara-
I just wanted to give you an update on Domino - now Blu. We were amazed at how calm Blu was on our more than 4 hour
drive home. He didn't go to the bathroom in the crate and only went when we stopped. He didn't even cry.
The first night in the crate he only cried for 20 minutes and woke up once. Last night he slept through the entire night
wiping so much as a whimper.
As expected, his vet checkup was good as well. He is such a good boy with such a calm demeanor. If you ever want to check
in on him, you can find him on Instagram as instadogblu.
We'll be in touch when we get him neutered.


Just thought I would check in with you and let you know how much me
love our little "max". He is doing great and fitting in so easily with out
family. He only had two nights of getting up and now sleeps all night. He
is such a great dog. I can't believe we have only had him for a week. He
is learning a lot and is very smart. He is so calm and laid back nothing
seems to phase him. Thank you so much. We just love him so much!! Jill.


Hi Tara,
Sorry we didn't send pictures sooner.   We adopted Tux from the first litter of sheepadoodles. He is fantastic! We have never
had such a  joyful dog.  He is always happy and playful. Sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. He feels like a stuffed animal still
with his puppy fur. He gets along great with other dogs, as well as children. The no shedding is a definite plus!
Unfortunately these pictures were taken on a rainy day when he was a little dirty.
Thanks Erin and Josh.


Ruby has been a wonderful addition to our family, fun loving, relatively easy-going for her age.  She's very affectionate, in fact
often wants to hug and to sit on my lap, despite the fact that she's a very leggy 45 pounds. She's adapted well to having an
older, yet much smaller, dog sister (Annie is our 5 year old, 15 pound Schnoodle). I also have four kids, aged 8-16, which seems
perfect for Ruby. She loves the camaraderie and the active playmates. She's curious, without being trouble making, except for
the few times shes escapes the yard to play with a neighbor dog who we joke is her bad-boy clandestine boyfriend. :)

Thanks for the work you do. An email with pics will follow.
Many Thanks.


Kira (color pink) is now 52lb
Our vet thinks she will get a little bigger. Kira still gets car sick but
we are hoping she grows out of it, she does excellent at the
groomers,  although baths are not her favorite activity, she gets
them often due to her need to dig in my flower beds. Brinkley our
Labradoodle, loves his little sister,  even though she can be bossy.
Kira learns quickly,  and is eager to please. We are currently going to
doggie daycare in order to socialize Kira with other dogs and people.  
So far no gray in her coat, our groomer says we should start seeing it
this summer, personally I am hoping she will stay black and white. We
love her regardless. I will send copy of spay record soon. Thanks
Tammy and Kira


Hi Tara. Here is the copy of our neuter invoice along with a few pictures of Max. He is such a sweet and lovable boy with the best personality I
have ever seen in a dog. He loves everybody! And everybody loves him! He always had a toy in his mouth and won't go outside without one. Our front
yard is always strewn about with toys! He has been such a huge blessing to our family. I was curious to how the other pups were doing and how big
they were getting. Max is 78 lbs already! He looks even bigger because he is so fluffy!  He's our gentle giant!  We love him so much!  
Someday we may get another. Thanks so much. Jill


Lucy is growing so fast and passed her first obedience test this week!