~References by Email~
Owners of our Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles.

Below you will find email addresses to owners our puppies. Please feel free to contact them for a reference. They have been
to our home and have met me and my doggies. They can tell you all about all of their experiences and process of getting an
Apple Creek Puppy, what they thought of me, our home, our dogs and best of all they can tell you about their doodle(s). 


Meet Sage: She is an adorable F1B
Petite English Goldendoodle puppy that
is owned by the Grimm Family in Ohio.
If you'd like to talk to Sage's mommy
Jean-Anne you can do so here....
Email Sage's parents.


Meet Joey(left) and Jerzy(right). Joey is
an F1 Standard Goldendoodle and Jerzy is
an F1 Miniature Labradoodle both from
Apple Creek. They are best buds and play
together all day long. To talk to Joey and
Jersey's mom Laura to see what life is
like with two doodles you can do so here....
Email Joey and Jerzy's parents.


Meet Bella a F1B Miniature
Goldendoodle, her momma
loves her and wants all you
guys to know how great she is.
To email Jennifer about Bella
you can do so here...
Email Bella's parents.


Meet Finnegan: Finn for short. He is a
cutie pie F1B Petite English
Labradoodle. He is loved by his mommy
and daddy and he is very spoiled. If
you'd like to talk to his parents and
learn about Finn's personality and what
he enjoys (obviously not this cone after
his neuter surgery...I couldn't resist,
he's so cute) you can do so here....
Email Finnegan's parents.


Meet Linus (and friend Conway): He
is an F1 Miniature English
Goldendoodle. Mom says "They have
become fast friends as you can see
from the attached picture.  Linus
has truly brought much joy to our
home.  His personality is hysterical"
Email Linus' parents.


Meet Bailey: He is a F1b Petite
English Labradoodle. He is just
the happiest puppy ever.
His mom Mary is in love-
Email Bailey's parents.


Lincoln and Reagan are F1 Mini English
Goldendoodles. These Presidential cuties are
so sweet and love to swim in their kiddy pool.
If you'd like to email their mom Tracy you
can do so here....
Email Lincoln and Reagan's parents.


Sophie is an adorable F1b Miniature
Labradoodle. Sophie is a beautiful
shade of chocolate. She loves
everyone she meets and enjoys her
neighborhood doggy friends.
Email Sophie's parents.


Meet Bear and Max: They are also F1 Mini English
Goldendoodles and siblings to Lincoln and Reagan.
Their family lives in Illinois but made the trip here
to meet me and my doggies. Bear and Max love the
water and enjoy swimming classes. If you'd like to
contact their parents you can do so here....
Email Bear and Max's parents.


Daphne is an adorable F1b Petite English
Goldendoodle. She resides in Florida but
her mom came here to get our retired
girl Brice (now Lucy) who is also Daphne's
mommy. Daphne and Lucy's mom takes the
best pictures of these girls.
Email Daphne and Lucy's parents.


Max is from our 1st F1 Old English
Sheepadoodle litter. His mom says "he
really has the best personality. So much
fun and so smart. I can't walk in the
neighborhood without at least a few
people stopping to ask about him"
Email Max's parents.


Roxie and Spike are two siblings from our
F1b.b Goldendoodle litter.  Their mom
says "Woody and I call them Poodles Plus,
as they are totally cool and smart, but
also have the Golden/Lab Retriever
sweetness.  Also, knock on wood, we have
never found even one dog hair in the
house from them!"
Email Spike and Roxy's parents.