~Notes and pictures of our past F1 Bernedoodles~

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Duke is doing wonderful and sounds a lot like his sister!  He is pretty laid back too and always happy.  He is very smart and
has been so easy to train.  It literally only takes a couple of minutes and a few treats and he’s learned the next trick (and
I really have no idea what I’m doing lol).  His coat sounds a lot like Brenda’s too with the bed head look.  It’s hard to tell
from the photos but down the front of his legs he has brown and little white, and then in the sunlight he actually has brown
throughout his coat – but the black seems to overpower it.  It will be interesting to see if he continues to get more brown.  
As far as shedding – for the first 6 weeks or so he seemed to be shedding a lot, but now he barely sheds at all.  He weighs
40 pounds.  The whole family just loves him! In fact, my older son was begging to take Duke back to college with him this
fall.  I’m excited to see everyone’s pictures and hear how the rest of the litter is doing. Richelle B.

Hi Tara, Marley has grown so much, since he first arrived! 35+pounds already! He is very easy going and mellow! He loves
water and is not afraid of anything ( not even the vacuum, water hose or such )! He likes to play with our other dogs and the
kids! He is very family oriented, friendly, stays around one of us at all times and is a great companion on all of our car
rides! He is simply the best dog we could have ever wished for, actually the best dog we have had! Thank you

Hi everyone, it's Tara, owner of Apple Creek Doodles. This is my girl Brenda from our 1st litter of F1 Standard Bernedoodles, her parents are
Heather and Thomas, she is a full litter mate to all of the other puppies pictured so far. Brenda is now 6 months old. I'd say she's likely 40lbs or so.
Brenda is the sweetest girl. Loves attention, she was never officially trained but at 6 months old she's a natural heeler and walks by my side, she
never strays too far ahead and always comes running back to check in. Her coat is super soft, see the above pictures of her coat before and after
her first trim. She sheds very little, mostly rubs off if we are rough housing. Brenda is super laid back, aside from her occasional "zoomies" where
she runs in large circles as fast as her legs can funny. Anyone with a Doodle knows exactly what this is! After owning Brenda for 6 months I
totally get why Bernedoodles are becoming so popular, she's really a great girl.

Hi Tara-
Just wanted to give you an update on Bear. He's now
just over 80 pounds at 10 1/2 months old. He's a big
boy. Wonderful with kids and showing great
intelligence. He's a great boy!

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