~Notes and pictures of our past F1 Bernedoodles~

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Hello Tara
Here are a couple of pictures of Kita (teal ribbon girl) from  Heathers' litter. She's adjusted well to her new home and is the social butterfly of the
neighborhood. We are attending puppy training class and she's the star of the class, though she can be a bit willful on occasion. She still tugs some while
walking on leash so it continues to be a work in progress  She prefers being off lead which is fine for back yard training sessions but not practical for city
walking. Feel free to post these on your website or your Facebook page if you like.
We are very happy with her. She's got a great temperament. Unfortunately we aren't in a position to get another dog otherwise we'd be reserving one of
your Goldendoodles. Best Regards Wanda P.
This is Wanda the still ecstatic owner of Teal Ribbon girl now "Kita". Kita is very lovable and friendly. She is the social butterfly of the neighborhood.
There isn't a person or dog that she doesn't want to greet.
Anyone who meets her becomes instantly infatuated with her. Like her sister Brenda, she does have moments of "puppy excitement" which requires us to
give her some "time outs". Her worst habit is that she's a jumper - she jumps on people, the furniture,- so training is still a work in progress. That being
said, we couldn't be happier with her.  Below is a picture of her with her favorite snuggle toy.
Wanda P.


Hi Tara! Our little girl Layney (purple) is doing awesome.
She definitely has a bunch of energy but for sure has an
awesome personality. She is sooooooo good with small kids,
other dogs and being out and about. She too has the bed
head and lots of fun brown spots popping up from her mostly
black and white. Pic that I took 10 min ago attached. Thanks!!


Thanks for reaching out.  We are loving our new family member, Bear!  Bear weighs almost 40 pounds as of today.   He is great with everyone
he meets.   He is learning very fast and is so sweet.  He has his "rowdy" times when he wants to nibble with the those puppy teeth but for
the most part sticks to his toys.  His hair is a little crazy and he is ready for his first grooming ... We are not experiencing much shedding.  
He loves car rides. He will alert us to visitors but not a huge barker.
Thank you for checking in! Lucy W.


Hello! Omg Brenda is soooo cute! She looks just like my Jax. I have been dying to see updated pictures of Jax's
siblings!:))) Our Jax is a sweet boy who LOVES people, and other dogs. He loves to cuddle and play. When he's
calm, he's super easy going and sweet. The vet always compliments on how calm he is for a puppy. Once in a while
He does still have the "puppy crazies" I like to call it lol, Where he will bark and run around like crazy playing.
He def keeps us entertained lol. He really is such a good boy. We are so lucky to have such a great dog! He
weighs 37 pounds now! Can't wait to see how big he will be full grown. He has a nice fluffy coat, with mild
shedding. The brown and white coloring has really shown through. I sent some pic of Jax that I took about a
week or so ago. Can't wait to see pics of all the others. Thanks for sharing your Brenda!

Hi Tara,
Just wanted to send you an updated
picture of Jax. He is 50 pounds now! I
Took this picture last week, so he was
just over 6 months.

Jaclyn S.


Hi Tara,

Kylo is doing great! This is a current photo of him at 20 weeks.  He is quite the character.  He is the life of
the party.  Everyone thinks he is the cutest puppy.  He is super smart and at times a wild man.  
I saw you are taking deposits for your next breed of Bernedoodles? We are very interested in getting a
2nd puppy.  Are you planning on breeding the same 2 dogs as Kylo's parents?
Thanks, Quinn & Renae



Woody's coat is a soft shaggy (bed head)
and the color is growing with him but not
changing in color. He has a slight salt and
pepper look because of odd multiple
grey/white hair all over.
He's very playful and very sweet and
personable. He's a natural swimmer.
I can't remember if he's 24 lbs now.
He's definitely prone to car sickness.
Open car windows may have remitted


Hi Tara,
We named our boy Sullivan.  He is an absolute sweetie.  He adapted to our home well.  In fact, he has never cried even one night, not even the
first night we had him!  He is happy all the time and loves affection.  He gets along well with other dogs and children.  He likes to take walks and
he still carries the toy lamb you sent him home with.  He sleeps with it and even tries to take it outside to potty with it!  We do have to draw the
line there!!!  His coat is changing all the time and he is growing very fast!  His paws are very big and many people comment on the size of his paws.

He has pretty wavy hair at this time, especially around and on his tail.  His paws, chest, head, and tip of his tail have the brilliant white markings.  
It looks like he is wearing white socks.  The vet and staff adore him and I think it is their first bernedoodle in the practice. I am sending you
pictures that will hopefully show you his beautiful markings.  Sullivan always has the bed head too.  It flops around every time he walks and makes
me laugh. He is a joy to have and although a puppy is hard work, it is so worth it in the end!!  Let us know if you want more pictures as he gets older.
Thanks, Angie and Jon S.