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Hi Tara,

Hope things are going well. Just want give an update on
Max - F1 miniature English goldendoodle.
He is 7 months old, 28 lbs, 18" height. I just got him neutered
and he is completely recovered. I must say Max is exceptionally
doing well. He is very playful, very friendly (especially with kids -they adore him).
He is a crowd puller. l have taught him a few tricks -
Hugging, Rollover, Play dead, he fetches tennis ball, toys really well, he is a quick learner.
I have attached monthly pictures of Max showing his growth progress.

Max - 3 months old 10lbs.

Max - 3 months old 10lbs.

Max - 5 months old 18lbs.

Max - 6 months old 25lbs.

Max - 7 months old 27lbs.

Max: ~ a Paisley and Cash Puppy

Liberty: ~ a Brice and Cash Puppy

Liberty is doing so well!  She is responding well to her potty training
and is running to us for her reward after going on the grass.  And, and
then ran to me for her treat.  I didn't even get off my deck to get in
the yard with her as I normally do.  She is a champ....we are so proud
of her.  I know you probably hear these kinds of things all the time,
but this was exciting given the last few weeks.  
Here is one of the most recent pics of Libby.  
The kids just adore her to say the least!  Thanks!  The Rem's


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and a few pics. Chloe is doing really well here. She and Jack became fast friends. 2 nights into
her crate training and she sleeps through the night with no accidents. She loves to frolic with the two smaller kids and tolerates all the
attention famously.
Thank you so much for all your support. I know we chose the right one. She fit in from day one and its because of the great job you do
with your pups.

Thanks again!! Jenny

Chloe: ~ a Joy and Gram Puppy

Hi Tara,

Just wanted to send you some pictures and updates on Izzy! She was the teal ribbon from Ester and Gram's litter. She's doing great
and is full of spunk! She weighs about 15 pounds and is 13 inches tall now. She is really social and loves to play with other dogs and is
so smart. I don't think I could love any more! Thanks for such a great little puppy.


Izzy: ~ an Ester and Gram Puppy

Sasha: ~ a Joon and Cash Puppy

Hi Tara!
Just thought I'd shoot you a little update about Sasha since it's been a couple months! She's doing really great- she is so well behaved and graduated
she'd grow up to be about 10-12 lbs larger than she is. Last time she went to the vet (when she got spayed) was about three weeks ago an she was at
about 15lbs. Do you know how big the other puppies from her litter are? Just curious :)

She still has her crazy moments but we love them. She is so funny and smart. I can tell she always understands what's going on around her or is trying
to figure it out. I love that golden doodles are so expressive--I feel like I always know what she's thinking!

Anyway thanks again for such a fantastic puppy. I get asked all the time where she's from and I always send people to your website!
She couldn't be more adorable!
Hope your well and turning out more amazing litters of puppies!


Just wanted to let you know Brady is doing well and is such
smart. He already knows sit, lay down, shake and come.  He
is napping now, that's how I had time to email you ;-).
Thanks for a great puppy!

Brady: ~ a Senna and Allister puppy.

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