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~ Monty: a Brice and Cash puppy~

Hi Tara--
We just had to send you a note about our whole experience today. It was all so positive, professional and just plain "good"! We really did have a hard
time making our pic, we loved all of the boys (my husband said he wouldn't even let himself look much at Ben and Garrett, since he had to have some way
of making the list smaller) and we both loved Rylee as well as Montay (a.k.a. Sterling). The possible size problem was the final criterion we used. Did
someone pick Rylee? I know someone will if they haven't already. And we loved seeing Cash and Brice--what nice, nice dogs.

We have to tell you that we know we made the right choice!! Monty fits with us like he's been here forever. He was so funny on the ride home, he only
wanted to lay across the console--we put a towel over it-- the whole way back to Ohio. Either there, or on the very top of my shoulder. It seems as
though he's been with us for weeks. He has gone to pee outside 3 times, poo'd once after he ate, hasn't gone at all in the house. We use a tether
instead of a crate, we did that with Marley and it worked so well, but Monty just wants to be loose--which is ok while we are home and can watch him
but he is on that tether when the time comes that we leave him alone! We put him on it while we were sitting there with him, and he howled like a wolf--
it was so cute!  We just tried it out for a few minutes, but we will be working on that. He is with me now as I work on the computer--he likes to sleep
wedged between things--so he is between the desk and a sliding door, only lifting his head when the kids outside go by on their bikes. And he really likes
laying on the tiles, we have a lot in our living room area and we made up an area there for him with a little bed and some carpet--he just wants to sleep
on the tile. I think he feels warm. It will be so much fun for us to get to know each other. And I know Marley is somewhere  smiling at us, wanting us all
to be happy again.

Hi Tara--
Just wanted to check in with you and give you a Monty update. He is doing really well and I am
really tired! It is like having a baby, without the post-partum depression thing.  He is coming
along well with his housebreaking, sleeps through the night and is not having as many accidents.
One of us is here all of the time, we'll try to do that until he's three months old although we've
started to leave him on his tether once in awhile when we go into another room or out onto our
deck. He's adjusting so well, it's amazing.

safe doing his business there until he's had all of his shots. He had his second shot last week and met his vet, I'm switching to the same vet Jean-Ann

I've attached a few pictures of Monty taken on his 3 month birthday---none of them do him justice, he is just the cutest dog!! And he is so fluffy,
everyone just wants to pick him up and hug him (including my husband and I--and since he lives with us, we get to do it all of the time).

He's doing really, really well, is almost totally housebroken which just amazes me. He loves to play fetch and tug of war, and he loves to lay right on
top of our air conditioning vents, must be that thick fur. He hasn't chewed anything up, mainly because he has lots of babies and chew toys to keep him
occupied. He goes to the vet this Friday to get his next shot, and we're so curious to see what he weighs now--he has really grown and is a lot taller.
He is so funny when we take him outside, walks with a lot of attitude. He is just a great little boy!

July 19th, 2011.

HI Tara--
Hope all is well, know you are up to your elbows in puppies! They look so, so cute.
I've attached some pictures of Monty at 4 months. He now weighs 11.2 pounds, and he is something else--he rules our house. Well, he doesn't rule his
buddy Dutch the cat, but he certainly rules us! Dutch is 14 and a half years old and he gets a little tired of being chased sometimes so he lands a few
well-placed smacks to the face (he's clawless) and Monty backs off----sometimes.

August 15th, 2011.

Hi Tara--
I just wanted to send you a few recent pics of Monty. Although he has passed the 20 week old mark, I'm going to start using the 23rd of each month
star--everywhere we take him people "Oh" and "Ah" and say he's the cutest pup they've ever seen. And he's so, so smart.

He starts hi classes on Oct. 3 and he has a few doggy friends around here--we still haven't gone to play with Sage and Lily, but hope to next week and
I will send pics.
Judy and Monty Martoccia

September 16th, 2011.

Hi Tara--
Here are a few pictures of my Monty and Jean--Anne's dog Sage. We FINALLY got the two of them together. You can definitely tell they are siblings.
Monty will turn 6 months soon and I will send some pics to you with his weight, height, etc. He is the best!!!!

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