~Letters From Owners~

~ Monty: a Brice and Cash puppy~

Hi Tara--
We just had to send you a note about our whole experience today. It was all so positive, professional and just plain "good"!

We really did have a hard time making our pic, we loved all of the boys (my husband said he wouldn't even let himself look much at Ben and Garrett, since he had to have some way of making the list smaller) and we both loved Rylee as well as Monty (a.k.a. Sterling). The possible size problem was the final criterion we used. Did someone pick Rylee? I know someone will if they haven't already. And we loved seeing Cash and Brice--what nice, nice dogs.

We have to tell you that we know we made the right choice!! Monty fits with us like he's been here forever. He was so funny on the ride home, he only wanted to lay across the console--we put a towel over it-- the whole way back to Ohio. Either there, or on the very top of my shoulder. It seems as though he's been with us for weeks. He has gone to pee outside 3 times, poo'd once after he ate, hasn't gone at all in the house. We use a tether instead of a crate, we did that with Marley and it worked so well, but Monty just wants to be loose--which is ok while we are home and can watch him but he is on that tether when the time comes that we leave him alone! We put him on it while we were sitting there with him, and he howled like a wolf--it was so cute!  We just tried it out for a few minutes, but we will be working on that. He is with me now as I work on the computer--he likes to sleep
wedged between things--so he is between the desk and a sliding door, only lifting his head when the kids outside go by on their bikes. And he really likes laying on the tiles, we have a lot in our living room area and we made up an area there for him with a little bed and some carpet--he just wants to sleep on the tile. I think he feels warm. It will be so much fun for us to get to know each other. And I know Marley is somewhere  smiling at us, wanting us allto be happy again.

Hi Tara--
Just wanted to check in with you and give you a Monty update. He is doing really well and I am really tired! It is like having a baby, without the post-partum depression thing. He is coming along well with his housebreaking, sleeps through the night and is not having as many accidents.
One of us is here all of the time, we'll try to do that until he's three months old although we've started to leave him on his tether once in awhile when we go into another room or out onto our deck. He's adjusting so well, it's amazing.


I've attached a few pictures of Monty taken on his 3 month birthday---none of them do him justice, he is just the cutest dog!! And he is so fluffy, everyone just wants to pick him up and hug him (including my husband and I--and since he lives with us, we get to do it all of the time). He's doing really, really well, is almost totally housebroken which just amazes me. He loves to play fetch and tug of war, and he loves to lay right on top of our air conditioning vents, must be that thick fur. He hasn't chewed anything up, mainly because he has lots of babies and chew toys to keep him occupied. He goes to the vet this Friday to get his next shot, and we're so curious to see what he weighs now--he has really grown and is a lot taller.
He is so funny when we take him outside, walks with a lot of attitude. He is just a great little boy!

July 19th, 2011.


HI Tara--
Hope all is well, know you are up to your elbows in puppies! They look so, so cute.
I've attached some pictures of Monty at 4 months. He now weighs 11.2 pounds, and he is something else--he rules our house. Well, he doesn't rule his buddy Dutch the cat, but he certainly rules us! Dutch is 14 and a half years old and he gets a little tired of being chased sometimes so he lands a few well-placed smacks to the face (he's clawless) and Monty backs off----sometimes.

August 15th, 2011.


Hi Tara--
I just wanted to send you a few recent pics of Monty. Although he has passed the 20 week old mark, I'm going to start using the 23rd of each month star--everywhere we take him people "Oh" and "Ah" and say he's the cutest pup they've ever seen. And he's so, so smart. 
He starts hi classes on Oct. 3 and he has a few doggy friends around here--we still haven't gone to play with Sage and Lily, but hope to next week and I will send pics.

September 16th, 2011.


Hi Tara--
Here are a few pictures of my Monty and Jean--Anne's dog Sage. We FINALLY got the two of them together. You can definitely tell they are siblings. Monty will turn 6 months soon and I will send some pics to you with his weight, height, etc. He is the best!!!!


~ Duffy: an Ester and Gram puppy~

Tara! I am hoping you got all three photos (each sent separately). Duffy is an energetic, happy, bold puppy....a delight! He is currently 14 inches at the shoulder and weighs 19.5 pounds. He has been neutered and has had two haircuts. We will start dog school next month, but he is so smart and knows many things already..sit, stay, down, come, etc. Easy to train. Duffy is best friends with our 8 year old doodle, Riley. Duffy has been good for the older dog; they play hard and sleep hard! There is absolutely no unpleasant behavior with
the food aggression, no people fears, nothing bad in the house (now that we are beyond the teething). He is a joy! I can't tell you how many people have asked about him and I have directed them to your web site. We have a house up north and I had several people knock on our front door because they heard we had such a cute and nice puppy!! Hope all is good with you. The available puppies are all darling, and it was especially fun to see the chocolate, black and cream litter.
All the best to you.....Nancy

ester-gram-bella-sit-250x300 (1).jpg

~Bella - an Ester and Gram Puppy~

She is an amazing dog!  The kids have taken to her very well, and she adores them!  She loves to play with other puppies (I have puppy play dates for her, lol).  She is so gentle around other dogs, but so very playful!  The kids love to play with her and she is usually always with them.  She was in puppy training at 8 weeks old and did fabulous.  She gets compliments every where we go; people can't believe Hey Tara! I just wanted to send some updated pictures of Bella, from Ester and Gram's litter!  We just absolutely love and adore her! what a cute and well behaved puppy she is!  She loves to be at camp where she has 40 acres to roam free.  She loves to run and play ball out there.  We are very blessed to have such a great addition to our family!  Thank you so much!  ~Kristen


Hey Tara,

Greetings from Holt MI.  Buoy is an awesome dog and we adore him.  Wow, talk about smart this little guy is beyond his years.  He uses pooches bells to go potty, Hardly anyone can walk by him without asking to pet him and they always ask, hey what kind of dog is he.  Thanks so much for an awesome pooch.

~ Chewie: an Uli and Eric puppy~

Chewie is doing great.  He is such a well behaved boy.  People are always surprised at how calm he is for his age.  The picture is of Chewie sitting in his chair looking out the window.  He spends most of his time there.  His coat is long and he really does not get matted.  Which is great because I think he looks cutest with his scruffy hair!


It's been awhile since I last communicated but you haven't been
out of our thoughts as every time we talk with other people about
where we got such a cute, friendly puppy, your name comes up and
we extol about her home environment raising.

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon after Sugar returned from the groomer. The young ladies, left to right, are our granddaughter Diana and her best friend and neighborhood buddy Rachel. Hope this finds you in best of health.     

Hi Tara,

Hope things are going well. Just want give an update on
Max - F1 miniature English goldendoodle. He is 7 months old, 28 lbs, 18" height. I just got him neutered and he is completely recovered. I must say Max is exceptionally
doing well. He is very playful, very friendly (especially with kids -they adore him).
He is a crowd puller. l have taught him a few tricks - Hugging, Rollover, Play dead, he fetches tennis ball, toys really well, he is a quick learner. I have attached monthly pictures of Max showing his growth progress.


~Max: a Paisley and Cash Puppy~


Max - 3 months old 10lbs.

Max - 3 months old 10lbs.

paisley-cash-max-4mts-12lbs-290x250 (1).

Max - 5 months old 18lbs.

paisley-cash-max-5mts-18lbs-197x250 (1).

Max - 6 months old 25lbs.

paisley-cash-max-6mts-25lbs-210x250 (1).

Max - 7 months old 27lbs.

paisley-cash-max-7mts-27lbs-280x250 (1).

Liberty: ~ a Brice and Cash Puppy

Liberty is doing so well!  She is responding well to her potty training
and is running to us for her reward after going on the grass.  And, and
then ran to me for her treat.  I didn't even get off my deck to get in
the yard with her as I normally do.  She is a champ....we are so proud
of her.  I know you probably hear these kinds of things all the time,
but this was exciting given the last few weeks.  
Here is one of the most recent pics of Libby.  
The kids just adore her to say the least!  Thanks!  The Rem's


Izzy: ~ an Ester and Gram Puppy

Hi Tara,

Just wanted to send you some pictures and updates on Izzy! She was the teal ribbon from Ester and Gram's litter. She's doing great and is full of spunk! She weighs about 15 pounds and is 13 inches tall now. She is really social and loves to play with other dogs and is so smart. I don't think I could love any more! Thanks for such a great little puppy.


Chloe: ~ a Joy and Gram Puppy

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and a few pics. Chloe is doing really well here. She and Jack became fast friends. 2 nights into her crate training and she sleeps through the night with no accidents. She loves to frolic with the two smaller kids and tolerates all the attention famously. Thank you so much for all your support. I know we chose the right one. She fit in from day one and its because of the great job you do with your pups.

Thanks again!! Jenny

Sasha: ~ a Joon and Cash Puppy

Hi Tara!
Just thought I'd shoot you a little update about Sasha since it's been a couple months! She's doing really great- she is so well behaved and graduated she'd grow up to be about 10-12 lbs larger than she is. Last time she went to the vet (when she got spayed) was about three weeks ago an she was at about 15lbs. Do you know how big the other puppies from her litter are? Just curious :) 
She still has her crazy moments but we love them. She is so funny and smart. I can tell she always understands what's going on around her or is trying to figure it out. I love that golden doodles are so expressive--I feel like I always know what she's thinking! Anyway thanks again for such a fantastic puppy. I get asked all the time where she's from and I always send people to your website!

She couldn't be more adorable!
Hope your well and turning out more amazing litters of puppies!



Just wanted to let you know Brady is doing well and is such
smart. He already knows sit, lay down, shake and come.  He
is napping now, that's how I had time to email you ;-).
Thanks for a great puppy!

Brady: ~ a Senna and Allister puppy.


I just wanted to give you an update on Kirby.  He is the most fun dog my husband and I have ever had!  He has more
personality and he is just fun to be with.  He still weighs about 49 pounds and I wanted to let you know that he just
passed the testing for Therapy Dogs International to be certified as a therapy dog.  As soon as I get his credentials
back we will be making visits to a local nursing home and we hope to start visiting the Pediatric unit at our local hospital.  
Kirby is great with kids and they love him because he looks like a big fluff ball. I have already taken him several times
to visit a fourth grade classroom and he was great with all of the kids.

I have attached a picture of him that was taken on 8/15.  I walk every year in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  
Its a 60 mile walk that we do around the Detroit area over 3 days - 20 miles each day.  Kirby was my training partner
all year so my husband brought him down to me in Dearborn and he walked the last 1.5 miles with me and into the holding
area where we wait for the rest of the 3,000 walkers to finish walking.  Kirby was a big hit and I couldn't believe the
number of people that came up to talk because they had doodles too!  Everyone of the other doodle owners also talked
about what great personalities their dogs have.  



CONGRATULATIONS to KIRBY for passing his Therapy Dog Testing....he is now an Official Therapy Dog!!! Way to GO!
Kirby is an F1B Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,

I just took Lucy to the vet today and the vet said
Lucy is a very healthy puppy and was very
impresses with the folder you made and
everything you did. She sais she wished all
breeders were that good and did everything like
that. I thought you would like to know that Lucy
is doing great!!! We have been crate training her
and she is doing wonderful with that. Thank you
again for everything-we would definitely
recommend you as a breeder to anyone-we really
love Lucy and she has just fit right into our family.

Thanks again-Melissa.


Lucy F1 Mini Labradoodle

Hi Tara,
I just wanted to let you know what a joy our puppy is. We named him
Winston. I took him to our Vet today for a check-up, and the Vet went on and
on about what a great dog Winston is. In fact he used the word "exceptional"
when describing his personality. And as for looks, Winston is as cute as a
button!! Everyone says he looks like a stuffed animal! We love him so much,
and can't thank you enough for allowing this little guy into our lives. Lisa



Winston F1 Goldendoodle