HI Tara,

Wanted to give you an update on Hazel.  She is almost 2 years old.  She was from your litter on 12-17-08.  She is a absolute sweetheart
and makes us laugh and smile everyday.  She is wavy coated so sheds the dust bunnies but not bad at all.  She is settling down and has
become quite the companion.  She loves her walks and meeting her "friends" in the neighborhood.  She has yet to meet a stranger.  We
have a fenced yard for her and loves laying on the patio for hours and watching the birds and squirrels and she loves to try to chase the
chipmunks.  I get lots of compliments on her and I always recommend you because lots of people I meet are interested in her.  She is
great at the groomer, have her groomed about every 5-6 weeks.  She is  very smart and understands a lot.  I think you can tell we love
her a lot and are so happy we have her in our lives.

I have attached a picture I took of her last week.
Love your new website.
Nancy Fuller


Hazel F1 Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,

Well, Tucker has managed to make it 3 years today without me killing him!  He is still the world's biggest goober.  He survived knee
surgery last October (he wrecked it chasing tennis balls in the snow and ice -it was very successful surgery and he is better than
ever!), has a fixation with bunnies, bicycles and motorcycles and still eats every bit of toilet paper he can find.  He is an 84 pound
lap dog (so he thinks!).  He is feeling very slim and trim since we put him on a diet from his previous 92 pounds after he had his
He is a great dog - we love him to pieces.  He has more personality in one toe than any other dog I have ever seen!
Attached is a picture of him at the Michigan Animal Rescue's Yappy Hour Party last week at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester (with
us and his little sister, Piper).  Of course,he wore his bowling tie.  With the exception of one little slip-up when he overturned a
table full of drinks to get to the potato chips (we weren't feeding him fast enough!) he was very well behaved!

Hope you are well.
Regards, Linda


Tucker (left) F1 Labradoodle

Here are some recent pictures of
Yankee. She is such a Diva.
Everyone loves her. Everyone says
"what a beautiful dog". She is such
a sweet girl, very playful. She loves
to play with toys and balls. She has
never growled or been mean, but she
has a ferocious sounding bark! Alice.


Yankee F1 Goldendoodle

Hi Tara

Just thought I would send you a few more pictures of Jake. I know he
isn't quite 9 months yet, but I thought you might want to see what a
pretty dog he turned out to be. He is still a wonderful addition to our
family. He has been bike riding ( in a child's trailor with our youngest),
camping on several occasions (he prefers to sit in a chair around the
fire), on boats. We pretty much take him everywhere. He continues to
be a very well behaved puppy. He already weighs 42 pounds and still
growing into his feet. He is going to be a chicken for Halloween.
Everywhere we go we get comments on him and I am always giving your
name and web-site to people. Hope all is going well.
Take Care, The Hawkins Family.


Jake F1 Labradoodle


I Wanted to let you know that Isabella is doing very well.  She is a wonderful addition to
our family.  We are awakened every morning with kisses.
She is so full of life, every morning is Christmas to her, she finds so much joy in everything
she does.  
Thank you so much for all of your early care.  I'm sure that gave her the start that she
I have included two pictures at about 5 months.  The only difference is she is a bit bigger
and her hair has grown out some.  She is at 15 1/2 pounds today.  She loves all animals and
people.  We may be looking for a brother or sister in the future, I'll let you know.

Thank you so much.
Terry Jones


F1B Petite English Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,
I hope you like my pictures. I am a big girl now. My Mom, Dad and sister
"Lilly" love me a lot. I have lots of toys, two comfy beds and sometimes I
get to sleep with Mom/Dad - or in my crate. I learned to potty outside
really quick - Mom/Dad worked with me a lot so I would learn. They tell me
I am very smart and learn fast. I go to obedience classes now and everyone
loves me and my Mom tells me I am doing really good too. They always play
with me and give me a lot of attention - we have lots of fun together. I get
to go riding in the car a lot and shopping at the pet supply stores - I love
that too. I also get to ride on the boat in the Summer time - that is so much
fun. My Daddy is home a lot and we play so much we have to take a nap. I
have a good home and they love me so much and I love them back a lot too!
Mom said she will send more pictures when I get older. Thank you for
raising me and making sure I got a good home. You don't have to worry - I
am very happy!

Love, "Sage" :)


F1B Petite English

Thank You for reading all of the letters

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