Hello Tara,

Daphney is doing great!! I think that is going to
be her name:) She is eating and sleeping, very
well. She even slept until 6:30! She's so sweet
and seems to love us already. She knows when we
take her outside to go potty, to go, and then she
tries to go Big potty, and then she knows it's
playtime. She also loves the snow. My daughters
have given ME more hugs and kisses last night
and today, thanking me for the darling puppy,
then I've had in a long time. She gives us so much
joy!!!! We will keep you updated with more
photos to enjoy with everyone! Thanks!!!!!!!!



Daisy Mae F1 Goldendoodle


Abby F1B Labradoodle

Hi Tara,
Abby is doing great, she is a wonderful dog,
beautiful color. All of my neighbors ask about
her and some of them are interested in your
f1b's in the Spring if you have some again. I
will refer them to you. Abby does not shed at
all and this is wonderful!. She loves to fetch
and play, She is not sleeping so much any more
like before, it takes a lot to ware her out now.
She is about 16 weeks now and weighs 28
pounds and is in Good Health. Thank You, Kim.

Hi Tara,

Just wanted to let you know that the
puppy is doing great and adjusting to her
new family perfectly! She is so smart and
so loving, I couldn't have asked for a
better puppy! I sent you a picture of the
puppy and my youngest son who is just
having so much fun playing with her!!! I'll
send you more pics as she gets older.

Have a great day! Val


Roxy F1 Labradoodle


Zeus F1 Labradoodle

I don't know what made me go back to
your website but I saw the puppy picture
of Zeus. He is doing very well (big) and
looks almost identical to Mila. If you need
a reference we would be happy to oblige
as we were extremely pleased with you,
the care you take and of course Zues!
The Prough Family~Owners of Zues.


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you
know how much we love Jake. He is a great
dog. He was fully house trained 3 weeks after
he came home. He weighs 22 pounds and is
doing extremely well in puppy 101 class. We
couldn't be happier.
The Knaus Family~ Grand Rapids, Michigan


Jake F1B Labradoodle


Hi Tara,

I just wanted to let you know that
Hogan is doing great. He is a very
smart puppy and has great
personality. I can already tell
that he is going to be housebroken
at a young age. Hogan and Greta
my boxer) are getting along great.

Hi Tara,
Here is a recent picture of Phoebe. She is
a happy, healthy and well adjusted dog. She
plays very well with Bailey and likes to
play with the kitties too. She is a bit too
rough with them and will be getting some
private training so I can help her learn
"leave it", "wait" and "stay" better. Other
than those few training issues, she is a
super smart and well behaved addition to
our family. Happy mother's day to Mila
from Phoebe! Thank you for all you do to
insure a well bred and healthy dog.
The Wixon's


Phoebe F1B Labradoodle


Moxie F1B Goldendoodle

I am attaching a couple of pictures of Moxie at two months and
six months of age. She is a wonderful dog and a happy addition
to our family. Moxie is very friendly. She loves people of all
ages, other dogs, and loves when we take her with us to a local
nursing home to visit elderly residents who ooh and ahh over
her, and tell us stories of their former doggie companions.
Moxie adjusted very well to her new home, has been easy to
train and an overall delight. As first time dog owners, we were
a little cautious, but could not have asked for a better dog. I
have given your name to a few people here in Traverse City
who've asked where we found our adorable Goldendoodle:)
Thanks again for a great experience and a great dog.

The Fournier Family

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