Hi Tara,

I am writing today to let you know that I am really happy at my new home in Wixom! I missed you and my family
for a few days, but I am okay now! Diane and Dave love me to pieces, and I get a lot of attention here! I am
getting bigger every day and I weighed in at 19 lbs at 10 weeks.

Diane took me to the Veterinarian in Wixom for my 9 week shot and check up, and the Vet was very impressed
with all the paperwork you sent along with me. She said that most Breeders do not go through the steps and cost
that you do testing the parents, let alone give copies of the test results to the new families. Also, she said that it
is great that you tell the new families about the shots that are still needed instead of saying " they have them all"
like most Breeders. The staff there was ecstatic when they saw you had me all set yo to be registered with
Diane is very happy with the Vet's opinion and wanted you to know that they even wanted to copy your business
card to recommend you to their customers! Thanks for being so good at what you do!

Below is a picture of me at 10 weeks old, you can see how big I am getting and that I am still as cute as ever!


Hurley at 7 months old.


Hurley at 10 weeks old.


Hurley at 6 weeks old.

I will write again when I am a little bigger. Thanks for taking such good care of me!
Love, Hurley (AKA Stars Boy- DOB 2/25/08) F1 Standard Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,

I visit your website periodically and I love to see all of the new pictures.
Madden is wonderful! He is the perfect puppy!! I was nervous when we
picked him up because it had been a long time since I have had a puppy
but he has been so easy. He is extremely friendly with everyone but
especially the kids, which is what we wanted. He even has a dog friend
two doors down (my best friend's dog) named Champ who is a 90lb
Lab/Bulldog mix. It is hilarious to watch them run all over the yard. He
has been such an incredible puppy that we are thinking about getting
another puppy next year some time. The Vet told us that Madden was a
very healthy, beautiful puppy and that you did a wonderful job. I keep up
on brushing him but he needs a trim so he is going on Saturday. I will send
some pictures when he is all groomed. We love the way he will already
fetch a ball and bring it right back to us, this is awesome! I hope all is
going well and I will send pictures soon.
Take care, Kate


Madden F1 Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,

I'd like to update you on how Lola is doing, and I've attached some pictures for you to see how much she's grown.  
She is the apple of my eye--I love my little Lola with all of my heart.  She's incredibly smart--she aced both
puppy and intermediate class, and she loves training and learning new tricks.  Lola is very friendly and LOVES
people, dogs, and she's even great with children.  She is highly social, and she's always the belle of the ball when
we visit the dog park.  She loves going for walks, playing fetch, and snuggling.  She does not shed one bit, either.  
People are always telling me how gorgeous and well-behaved she is, and I've even had a few people pull over in
their cars while we're walking to ask what kind of dog she is and who her breeder was.  She's a star wherever she
goes! Thank you for taking great care of Lola as a puppy so that she came to me with a wonderful temperament.  I
couldn't have asked for a better dog. I hope that you're doing well!



F1B Goldendoodle


Hi Tara...thought I would get a note off to you since life has settled down around here.  Our
daughter got married on July 4th so had lots of preparation to do.  Wanted to give you an
update on Hazel.  She is doing well and is full of life.  She is a very happy puppy.  She was very
easy to house break  (in fact only had a few accidents), she loves her crate but is finding spots
around the house to lay down for a nap.  She is smart and learns quickly.  We have taken puppy
classes and she did well with them.  She met a friend in classes, Sully a wheaten terrier, and
they have become buddies.  We taken them to puppy daycare once a week so they can play.  
Hazel is very gentle with other dogs, the trainers have mentioned numerous times how gentle she
is  She loves everyone.  I have attached a picture when we selected her and one taken a few
weeks ago.  She is around 45lbs right now.
I will be in touch, still love looking at your website.  Have you heard from Hazel's brothers and
sisters owners?  Just curious about their personalities.


Hazel F1 Goldendoodle

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