Hi Tara!

I have attached some pictures of Daisy Mae.
She has been great with my son! She loves
people and other dogs. She is absolutely
darling! I have told a lot of people about you-
everyone asks where I got her. She only sheds
a bit when she is nervous (i.e. at the vet). She
is easy going- the vet loves her, the groomer
loves her...We love her sooo much! She is just
sooo cute- I had to send you pictures.
Thank You! Stacey


Daisy Mae F1 Goldendoodle


Eva F1 Labradoodle

Hi Tara!

Eva darling is doing wonderful. She is our Ms. Congeniality,
always playful and eager to please. She is definitely a true
blue "Yooper Country Girl." She loves her hikes. She is
perfect with the other animals here at Wildwood. Excellent
with the horses, almost having a natural ability to herd them
with common sense and caution and of course she loves the
cats. She adors Hazle (our daughters choc lab we brought
when we picked up Eva) and the two are often playing,
carrying sticks together and all the other good stuff true
doggy best friends do together. She truly is a remarkable
dog in every aspect, thank you. Paula

I just wanted to send a couple shots of Phoebe. These
pictures were taken in September of 07, however she
hasn't changed much with the exception of a haircut!.
She now weighs 62 pounds. She has the best temperment
we have ever seen and is very smart. We have taken her
to obedience class and people have commented on how
well her temperament is and how adorable she is! She
loves to snuggle whenever and wherever she can! She is
great with all 3 of our kids. Just wanted to give you an
update and let you know how much joy Phoebe has
brought into our lives!
Take care, The Rineharts White Lake, MI


Phoebe F1 Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,

We have so enjoyed our puppy! We were able to pull-off the surprise on Christmas morning and
our daughters were thrilled. Our puppy's name is Molly and a photo of her at 5 months is
attached. I've been meaning to send you pictures for a while but I am finding it hard to keep
her still enough to take the shots. They all end up blurry. We would be happy to be a referral
for your future customers. Our puppy buying experience was great with you and you provided
us with an awesome puppy. And our vet agrees (along with the whole staff, they just love her).
So thanks again, Say "hi" to Mila for us. Teri Goodman


Molly Mini F1B Labradoodle


Winston F1 Goldendoodle

How are you? I wanted to up-date you on Winston. He is such a
great dog. We feel so lucky to have him! He is loving, smart and so
cuddly!!! I will send you a couple pictures. He is 20 weeks old now
instructor is very strict, but I think Winston has made her heart
melt! We always wonder about his brothers and sisters, and if they
snow, and never wants to come in. When I tell him it's time, he
drops in the snow on his belly and tries to bury his head in the
snow, but then he'll peek out at me, to see if I can "find him".
Anyway hope this email finds you and your family well.
Take Care, Lisa.

Hi Tara,

We just wanted to let you know that
Cooper is doing GREAT! He's so fun and
sweet. He's been to the vet twice, with no
He's getting along fine with our older lab
Zoe, and is really a delight. Here's an
updated picture. We will stay in touch, and
thanks, for everything. Regards, the Greens!


Cooper F1 Goldendoodle

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