I just wanted to give you an update on Kirby.  He is the most fun dog my husband and I have ever had!  He has more
personality and he is just fun to be with.  He still weighs about 49 pounds and I wanted to let you know that he just
passed the testing for Therapy Dogs International to be certified as a therapy dog.  As soon as I get his credentials
back we will be making visits to a local nursing home and we hope to start visiting the Pediatric unit at our local hospital.  
Kirby is great with kids and they love him because he looks like a big fluff ball. I have already taken him several times
to visit a fourth grade classroom and he was great with all of the kids.

I have attached a picture of him that was taken on 8/15.  I walk every year in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  
Its a 60 mile walk that we do around the Detroit area over 3 days - 20 miles each day.  Kirby was my training partner
all year so my husband brought him down to me in Dearborn and he walked the last 1.5 miles with me and into the holding
area where we wait for the rest of the 3,000 walkers to finish walking.  Kirby was a big hit and I couldn't believe the
number of people that came up to talk because they had doodles too!  Everyone of the other doodle owners also talked
about what great personalities their dogs have.  



CONGRATULATIONS to KIRBY for passing his Therapy Dog Testing....he is now an Official Therapy Dog!!! Way to GO!
Kirby is an F1B Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,

I just took Lucy to the vet today and the vet said
Lucy is a very healthy puppy and was very
impresses with the folder you made and
everything you did. She sais she wished all
breeders were that good and did everything like
that. I thought you would like to know that Lucy
is doing great!!! We have been crate training her
and she is doing wonderful with that. Thank you
again for everything-we would definitely
recommend you as a breeder to anyone-we really
love Lucy and she has just fit right into our family.

Thanks again-Melissa.


Lucy F1 Mini Labradoodle


Winston F1 Goldendoodle

Hi Tara,
I just wanted to let you know what a joy our puppy is. We named him
Winston. I took him to our Vet today for a check-up, and the Vet went on and
on about what a great dog Winston is. In fact he used the word "exceptional"
when describing his personality. And as for looks, Winston is as cute as a
button!! Everyone says he looks like a stuffed animal! We love him so much,
and can't thank you enough for allowing this little guy into our lives. Lisa


Maizey F1 Labradoodle

Hi Tara-
Per the terms of your health warranty and puppy contract, I have enclosed
pictures of Maizey at 9 months of age. She is doing great-she has been a
wonderful puppy. She has a great temperment and has been extremely easy to
train. She, like your other dogs, always has to have a toy in her mouth. Her
fovorite toy is balls-she played fetch for an hour at daycare. She is also obsessed
with being outside and eating. Whenever she is board, you can no doubt find her
at either the back door crying to go out, or at the laundry room door crying for
food. She is in constant watch for bunnies and deer-both of which are in our yard
frequently! Thanks again-Nicole

We got Hunter from you last Spring and wanted to send you some
pictures since he is coming up on one year old on the 23rd. He does great
with our three boys, and in fact he is boy #4. His favorite spot to sleep
is on the two big guys bottom bunk with them. We have been amazed
since day one how calm and easy going he is for a puppy. He is a great
dog and has been great with our family. Hunter is still growing and is
currently jsut short of 100lbs! (No Hunter, you are not a lap dog...)
Thanks, The deBeauclairs


Hunter F1 Labradoodle


Tucker F1 Labradoodle

Hi Tara,

Thought you might like to see some pictures of Tucker (alias
Mr Goofy) playing in his first big snow. He loves it! Tucker
just turned 6 months last weekend. He weighs 60 pounds and
doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. He is
the biggest, most loveable goofball in the world. He can't get
enough kisses or attention (or toilet paper  his favorite thing
in the world). We love him  to pieces. Linda and Eric.

Here's zoey at 5 months to the day. She's fully
house trained(rings a bell to Go outside)
extremely affectionate,  and LOVES other dogs.
We're very happy!!

Zoey is a F1 Miniature English Goldendoodle


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