Doodles Come In All Sizes

PETITE 10-25lbs grown - 12-16" tall (estimated sizes)...we are not currently breeding petite sizes.


We had our first litter of Petite Doodles in June 2010. They were so darn cute and so tiny at birth. This litter
was with our 30lb F1 English Goldendoodle Brice and our 9lb Toy poodle Cash, they were F1B Petites.

MINIATURE 25-40lbs grown - 18"-20" tall (estimated sizes)


We had our first litter of true Miniature Doodles in September 2009. They are now grown and weigh
20-35lbs and stand about 18" tall. This is the perfect size for those that don't want a real small doodle like
a Petite or a large doodle like a Standard. My Ester was from this litter, she was the purple ribbon girl - 4th
in the top picture, 2nd in the bottom pictures. She is very sweet and loves to be petted and give hugs, her
hair is very thick and plush. She has a great English head and is very proportioned in height and length. This
litter was with our 62lb English Golden Senna and our 9lb Toy poodle Cash.

Please take note that our miniature doodles are not hyper one bit, they do not have stubby legs like some
minis do. These bad looking and behaving minis are produced by those that are not taking the time to find a
great poodle that will not produce those qualities. Our poodles we have had since 8-10 weeks old, they are all
exceptional poodles and have produced proportioned well behaved miniature doodles. We know this from
owners of our minis updating us with rave reviews about their personalities and behavior.

MEDIUM 40-50lbs grown - 20"-22" tall (estimated sizes) - Eric is now retired.

Our medium sized litters were made with our Moyen Poodle Eric. His mom was a standard poodle and his dad
a mini so his pups were medium in size like him. This litter above was with our 60lb English Golden Uli and our
24lb Moyen Poodle Eric. Now grown they weigh 40-50lbs, some a bit more or less. Since Eric had bigger and
smaller genes it was really hard to determine exactly what size his pups would be. In one litter they grew to
be as small as 30lb and as big as 70lbs - which is quite a difference. We no longer have Eric but we do have
use of him if we want. I love Eric's pups, they are so calm and laid back.
I am sure we will use him again in the future.

STANDARDS 50lbs+ grown.  23"+ tall (estimated sizes)


A standard is a big dog with a lovable personality. Just because they are big don't think for one minute they
won't try to be a lap dog! We now regularly breed standard F1s and F1bs after taking a break for a few
years while trying to find just the right Standard Poodle.


Proud to be an owner recommended doodle breeder!