There are many people out there just trying to make money off the popularity of the Doodle and
are not doing things they way they should be done.
Watch out for some of the things below so you don't get taken advantage of.


Make sure to read the health warranty that comes with your puppy thoroughly.
Our guarantee covers 100% of your purchase price but some breeders warranties only cover 50%. Make sure you understand the
breeders warranty, what and how much will be covered if your puppy were to become genetically ill. In my opinion any warranty that
offers less than 100% coverage, if surgery is needed, is out to protect the breeder and not you.

Always request to see copies of any health testing that is said to be done on the parent dogs.
We have all our health testing documents/certificates for our dogs already scanned into our computer. Any breeder that has health
testing done on their dogs should be more than willing to send you copies via email or mail before you purchase a puppy or make a
deposit to reserve one.

Please make sure you know what you are buying.

Many breeders are now infusing different breeds such as Cocker Spaniels and Cavalier Spaniels into their labradoodle and
goldendoodle lines. No, I don't have a problem with it at all - I'm sure the puppies are adorable but just make sure you know what you
are getting. ALSO, more and more doodle breeders are breeding F1B doodles back to a poodle - again, this doesn't bother me one bit -
I breed them too and they are adorable. That is a breeding with a lot of poodle in the mix so just be aware of what you are getting, I
call my F1b to Poodle breedings F1B.B but some breeders call them Multigens which is a bit confusing as to what the parent makeup is,
make sure you ask so you know exactly what your getting. Don't be afraid to ask questions, make sure you know what your spending
your money on and make sure it's the right fit for you.

Avoid buying a puppy that comes with a 2 year guarantee but the parents haven't been tested.
People who take the time and added expense of health testing their dogs before breeding is the best way for you to know you are
getting a healthy puppy. Yes, a breeder that doesn't health test but offers a  2 year guarantee can easily say "we've never had any
issues with the puppies" Just because they have "gotten lucky" with no reports of problems it doesn't make it acceptable to not test
your dogs before you breed them.

Avoid buying a puppy from someone who does not tell you on their website what the mom and dads names are that are the
parents of the litter.

This is the perfect way for them to give you health papers and documents of any dog and not necessarily the parents of your puppy. A
breeder would do this if they have a dog that did pass testing and others that didn't. If they don't tell you who the parents are on
their site they can very easily give you documentation and health certificates for anyone. This would be easily done by someone that
only breeds goldendoodles using goldens and poodles. One golden and one poodle is all they would need to pass testing and then every
time they have a litter they will not post what the parents names are..instead they will use "he", "she", "they" and then come time to
pick up your puppy they can tell you whatever name is on the health certificates is the name of your puppies mom and dad. A picture
alone is not good enough, all sites should have the dogs name too. You would not be able to tell one golden from another in person since
they look so much alike.

Avoid buying a puppy from someone who doesn't keep their website current.
It only takes a few minutes to update pictures...I do it weekly. I wouldn't want to get a puppy from someone that was so lazy they
couldn't even update pictures for their customers. If someone can't take a few minutes to show how the puppies are growing each week
then what else aren't they doing? Are the puppies being played with and well socialized, maybe they are kept in a dirty environment or
even outside and they are not picture worthy due to them being filthy. Makes you think!  

Avoid buying a puppy from someone that hides the fact they do health testing on their dogs.
By this I mean if it's stated on their site that they health test their dogs but it is located in some out of the way area or page that you
may not necessarily look at then they probably don't test their dogs. They hope that you either don't see this out of the way page or
that you read it and believe it and don't ask to see proof by way of OFA certificates or documentation. If you see a site like this make
sure the parents names are posted along with any available puppies, ask to see proof of testing before you purchase a puppy. It only
takes a second to scan a dogs certifications and send them in an email. FYI any breeder that takes the time and added expense of
testing their dogs will BRAG about it, you should see many places on their site that talk about them health testing their dogs. A breeder
that hides it on a page you may not look at most likely isn't being honest that they have done testing on their dogs and just puts it their
for your piece of mind. Don't fall for it, ask to see proof if you have any doubts. If someone does claim to do testing, you should get
copies of the tests when you get your puppy.

Avoid buying a puppy from someone if their adult dogs or puppies themselves are stinky dirty.
Yes, it's true....puppies poo and pee a lot! It's one of those things you deal with being a breeder. It's important for your puppies health
and well being to be raised in a clean environment. A responsible breeder will go above and beyond to keep their pups play/sleep area
as clean as possible and wash the puppies and mom as needed too. A puppies coat should never be crusty, soiled or stinky.
If you are able to see the parents of your puppy, make sure they are well kept. Mothers can sometimes look a bit tired after raising a
litter so keep that in mind!. It is important for a breeder to take care of mom too. She will need extra meals and maybe supplements to
her diet to keep her in good health while she nurses her pups. Mom, dad and pups should be clean. If a breeder can't keep their adults
groomed, clean and healthy what are they doing with the pups?

Never buy a pup from someone that states in their guarantee that the pup in question must be returned before a
replacement pup or money refund will be issued.

This is obviously a way for them to get out of honoring their guarantee, breeders know you are not going to return your
beloved pet so of course you will be stuck with no guarantee if something does happen. Another thing to avoid is when
someone states that you must keep your puppy on nu-vet vitamins in order for the contract to remain in effect. Nu-vet
vitamins may be the greatest thing on earth but did you know the breeder gets a money kick-back every time someone
places an order for the vitamins using their breeder number? This is a great way for a breeder to continue making
money off you, instead of putting it into the contract that you must keep them on the nu-vet vitamin they could let you
know they really like them and you can order them if you wish. Avoid breeders with such things in their
warranty/guarantee, they are out to protect themselves not you.

Special Note: Internet Puppy Brokers

Prospective puppy adopters should beware of online puppy brokers who post photos from multiple breeders but do not give a kennel or
breeder name. The brokering company never sees the puppies, the kennels, or meets the breeders. This is very serious. Puppy mills can
"hide" inside a puppy broker site since their kennel name or breeder name is never given on the broker site. Prospective buyers aren't
able to search for the breeder/kennel to verify their integrity or quality. Buyers are also unable to see if a particular breeder has
any complaints against it with the Better Business Bureau or other reporting sites or previous customers.
Prospective buyers are advised to do an internet search for the website name followed by the words "complaints" or "reviews". Various
websites for rip-off reporting and consumer complaints will come up with reports from their previous customers. Please don't buy a
puppy from a broker who sells from puppy mills. Make sure your breeder or kennel is legitimate.

Here is a website that you can check out to see if a breeder you may be thinking of buying a puppy from is reputable.

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